Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~New Product~

Heard of Naruko product??!?

The product that being introduced in the "nv ren wo jui da" show....

which featured the product of niu er....

Great news!!!!

Naruko product is being sell!!!

Some of the products are ready stock while some need to pre-order.....

will be taking stock once in two if the products u want being sold out or need to pre-order,

do pm me....I will list down those products in stock......

Narcissus Series

Narcissus Total Defense AA Foaming Wash
Narcissus Total Defense BB Cream
Narcissus Total Defense Night Gelly

Marjoram and Lavender Series

   Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Serum

Marjoram and Lavender Classical Brightening Night Gelly

Niaouli & Tea Tree Sebum Series

Niaouli & Tea Tree Sebum Control Night Gelly

Job's Tears Whitening And Cooling Series

Job's Tears Whitening And Cooling Night Gelly

Job's Tears Whitening And Cooling Night Eye Gelly

Do pm me if got any question (=

Have a nice day shopping (=

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